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  • Powerful 125 cc M-TEC Engine

    Twist the throttle and stay ahead. With its Powerful 125 cc M-TEC Engine, get ready to experience the thrilling riding experience. Climb the inclines without breaking a sweat. Vroom ahead . Zoom past.

  • Head-Turning Style

    Want to stand apart from the crowd - Gusto 125 with its distinctive styling – is sure to grab eyeballs everywhere it goes. Its available in 4 sizzling colour designs – what will be your choice?

  • Height-Adjustable Seat

    Here’s a feature you have always wanted. The Gusto is the only scooter in India that comes with a unique Height-Adjustable Seat. Everyone in the family can effortlessly raise or lower the seat height to a position that suits them the best, for a comfortable and safe ride.

  • Remote Flip-Key

    Press a button and the key of the Gusto flips open like a switchblade. It even comes with a LED panel that illuminates the keyhole at night. It’s a perfect blend of style and substance.

  • Find-Me Lamps

    Can't find the Gusto in a crowded parking lot? Hit the button on the Flip-Key. The vehicle will blink and beep to help you spot it in seconds.

  • Large Tubeless Tyres

    Unlike the small 25.4 cm (10-inch) tyres other scooters have, the Gusto comes with extra-large 30.4 cm (12 inch) tyres to deliver rock-solid stability at any speed. They are also tubeless, making them much safer.

  • Telescopic Suspension With Air Springs

    The Telescopic Suspension with Air Springs has the unique ability of making rough terrain virtually non-existent. Also, it's thoughtfully designed to offer exceptional stability and seriously precise handling.

  • Guide Lamp

    The Gusto is the first scooter that thinks about you, even when you're not riding it. Its Guide Lamp stays on for a few seconds after the ignition is turned off, helping you out in dark places.

  • Easy Front Kick

    You'll never need to kick-start this scooter. But if you ever want to, don't bother getting off. The Gusto comes with a smartly designed Front Kick just like in motorcycles. Now kick-start the scooter, seated.

  • Quick Storage

    The Gusto comes fitted with an innovative pocket-like storage facility just under the display panel. It’s thoughtfully designed and as the name suggests, it’s designed for quick and easy access

  • Packed With More Features

    Bright Halogen Headlamp with LED Lamps.

  • Packed With More Features

    Spacious under seat storage.